Since 2016, I've been assisting Gordon Kemp (East 15) at Bath Spa University helping teach 2nd year Acting students their BASSC Basic Rapier and Dagger and Unarmed.

In November 2017, I assisted for Ruth Cooper-Brown & Bethan Clark of RC-Annie at the ALRA, teaching 2nd year Acting students their BADC Standard exam, working on Rapier & Dagger, Unarmed and Knife in a week intensive.

I have enjoyed teaching Stage Combat so much that I hope to continue assisting (when I can) and I now have the qualifications required for a Teaching Apprenticeship with the BADC. I am looking for a Master to take me on as their apprentice within the next few years.

Weapon Systems

Gotta catch em all


Knife (D) - 2017
18th Century Smallsword (D) - 2017
Broadsword (D) - 2017
Quarterstaff (M) - 2017
Unarmed (M) - 2017

Rapier & Cloak (M) - 2016
Unarmed (M) - 2016
Quarterstaff (M) - 2016
18th Century Smallsword (M) - 2016
Knife (M) - 2016

Rapier & Gauntlet (D) - 2015
Knife (D) - 2015
Broadsword (D) - 2015


Rapier & Dagger (D) - 2015
Unarmed (D) - 2015