About me

I'm a Welsh actor, born and raised in Cardiff and grew up surrounded by theatre, I spent time at Sherman Cymru Youth Theatre and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama's Young Actors Studio. From there I went to Bath Spa University's Acting course for my training, where I fell in love with Stage Combat and movement work. Since then I've enjoyed a diverse range of roles and characters from Brick, to Oberon, Ben the dog, the Wendigo and hopefully much more! When I'm not performing or playing with weapons, I'm exercising other creative outlets - usually writing or doodling, and trying to stay fit and healthy


The first day of my Acting Degree, my movement teacher shouted at me to “Stand straight!”

I thoroughly enjoyed my training - in particular, our stage combat classes and movement work. I always found it interesting learning how to make the most of my body for performance - be it through Feldenkrais, Laban and Lecoq techniques, or from being taught how to sell a punch to the face. Even after my acting course, I thrive off of learning new skills and being able to apply them in future projects and am ever on the lookout for what new thing to learn next.


I’ve always been a little concerned about how much I enjoy Stage Combat…

Since I started assistant teaching, I've enjoyed helping and supporting people discover their own passion for Stage Fighting, as well as appreciating the work, effort, skill, and enthusiasm that is required in teaching. I'm keen to acquire an understanding of as many weapon systems as possible and work towards gaining an apprenticeship, with the goal of one day going into teaching or fight direction.


I’ll never forget the first time I got to look in the mirror while made up, and not recognising myself as human

I've always been a lover of fantasy and sci-fi; Lord of the Rings, Alien, Star Wars, Pans Labyrinth to name a few! The exotic worlds and the creatures that inhabit them always stuck out to me the most. I'm so excited that I can now get to be a part of making those worlds a reality, childhood me wouldn't believe it!



2013 - 2016
BA Acting at Bath Spa University

2011 - 2013
Young Actors Studio at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

2009 - 2011
Sherman Cymru Youth Theatre